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Counterblow hammer Beche DGH 40 ton

  • Technical Specifications
  • Rated size  40,000 kgs
    Ram stroke 1400 mm
    Ram L-R 3200 mm
    Ram F-B 3000 mm
    Anvil L-R 3000 mm
    Anvil F-B 4800 mm
    Max. blow per minute 40
    Between the guides in daylight 1400 mm
    Floor space L-R 3800 mm
    Floor space F-B 2800 mm
    Hammer height above the floor 5880 mm
  • Additional Information
  • BÊCHÉ counterblow hammers are predominantly used for manufacturing large and ultra-large forgings. The high impact energy and tonnage of the hammer dies, moving in opposite directions, permits precision forming of large forgings. Counterblow hammers with hydraulic drives are particularly well suited to the medium tonnage range.

    Counterblow hammer BECHE DG40H 40,000 Kgs — in a counterblow machine both the hammer and anvil move and the workpiece is held between them. Here excess energy becomes recoil. This allows the machine to work horizontally and have a smaller base. Other advantages include less noise, heat and vibration.

Counterblow hammer Beche DGH 40 ton
Counterblow hammer Beche DGH 40 ton
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