Trimming press Voronezh K2542 1600 ton

  • Condition
  • Full retrofit of mechanical parts, pneumatic and lubrication system. Will be installed full brand new modern electric system with PLC. Safety system, operator protection system, overload protection, main motor speed control, counter for ram press position, HMI. System based on the DELTA (Taiwan), Mitsubishi, Samcoon PLC

    Warranty for all press systems: 6 months

  • Technical Specifications
  • Force 1600 ton
    Slider stroke length 400 mm
    Number of courses per min:  10
    Shut height 1120 mm
    Adjustment 220 mm
    From left to right 1800 mm
    From front to rear 1800 mm
    Slider 1440 x 1500 mm
    Windows in racks 1560 x 980
    Weight of the machine 154000 kg
    Press overall dimensions 5050 x 4620 x 8720 mm
Trimming press Voronezh K2542 1600 ton
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Photo - Trimming press Voronezh K2542 1600 ton

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