Trimming press Ravne TP 630 ton

  • Condition
  • Good condition. Trimming press Ravne 630t with a wide table and double connecting rod. The press is still installed but unfortunately no longer under power. The mechanical components make a good impression, the electrical system has to be renewed.

  • Technical Specifications
  • YOM 1980
    Pressing capacity 630 ton
    Height above floor 4950 mm
    Stroke per minute 42
    Stroke 250 mm
    Table size (lxb) 1690 x 1200 mm
    Total power consumption 37 kW
    Overall size (lxbxh) 2500 x 1300 x 4950 mm
    Total weight 36000 kg
Trimming press Ravne TP 630 ton
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