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Kipling Holding LLP

Our logistics department provides worldwide logistics services around the globe. We are the company with broad expertise in both inland and international trucking as well as international shipping. We provide our client with the entire service package, meaning that we deal with all transportation issues, starting from the point where the equipment is located and up to its being loaded on the vessel board.

Using our logistics services means lower overall transportation costs and efficient help, since we understand the issues and challenges that can come with moving heavy equipment internationally. We pride ourselves on having the expertise to handle these issues for you in the most efficient and cost effective way.

The scope of our logistics services comprises: managing the whole package of break bulk and container load shipment, including full documentation services (invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, Bills of Lading etc.), dealing with all customs export formalities and providing the consulting services. We also pride ourselves in organizing trucking services to transport heavy equipment and find the best pick for time sensitive deliveries and highly specialized oversize loads.

We offer most intuitive logistics management, for we have the ability to centralize, estimate, track, and most importantly save our customers time and money when it comes to moving their equipment. As a result, our customers enjoy an optimized solution to meet their specific needs.

Logistics around
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