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Knuckle joint press KB 8340A 1000T 11 pc

  • Condition
  • Very Good, we have video of work of the press on the factory before dismantling.
    *Manufacture Year: 1991.

  • Technical Specifications
  • -Rated force TN 1000
    -Slide stroke, mm 100
    -Frequency of the slide strokes per min 32
    -Bed dimensions, mm 800×800
    -Slider dimensions (FB), mm 630
    -Distance between table and punch plate
     of slider in case of upper table location, mm 470
    -Adjustment, mm 16
    -Weight, kg 25500
    -Dimensions, mm 2950/1950/4090 

Knuckle joint press KB 8340A 1000T
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