Hot forging press VORONEZH K8542 1600T

# HF-VO-005
  • Condition
  • Good working.

  • Technical Specifications
  • Maximum force ton-force 1600 tons
    Slider stroke length 300 mm
    Slider strokes per minute 75
    Maximum distance between table and slider (in lower position of slider) 660 mm
    Size of adjustment of distance between a table and slider 10 mm
    Length of a rod 920 mm
    Bed overall dimensions 940×1200 mm
    Slider overall dimensions 860×910 mm
    The size of lateral windows  
    Height 560 mm
    Width 600 mm
    Main motor 110 kW
    Press overall dimensions  
    Length 5060 mm
    Width 3940 mm
    Height above floor level 5125 mm
    Press weight 120 tons
Hot forging press VORONEZH K8542 1600T
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