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Hot forging press Erfurt PKXW 2500 ton

  • Condition
  • Press Erfurt PKXW 2500 ton in good condition. Full complete. Everything is working. All technical documentation is available.

  • Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer ERFURT, Germany
    Force  2500 ton
    Stroke  400 mm
    Shut height  900 mm
    Table size  1200 x 1400 mm
    Distance between columns  1250 mm
    Top ejector stroke  50 mm
    Bottom ejector stroke  40 mm
    Main motor  125 kW
    Total dimensions  4200 x 4600 x 7800 mm
    Total weight 180 ton
  • Additional Information
  • Vertical forging presses Erfurt PKXW 2500 ton are used for production of precise die forgings with utilization in the automotive industry, for hot and semi-hot forging, with high stiffness and extensive diagnostics, including modern, precise and solid fixtures and other comprehensive equipment.

    Hot forging press Erfurt PKXW 2500 ton designed for hot stamping of hand tools, automotive parts, motorcycles, bicycles, trains, ships, aircraft, machine tools, textile machinery, woodworking machinery, transport equipment, mining equipment, spare parts, etc.

Hot forging press Erfurt PKXW 2500 ton
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