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Kipling Holding LLP

About Us: Our company has been on the market for more than 15 years. We are Business to Business (B2B) globally and professionally machines trading company, so we understanding that each customer or factory is an individual, and therefore needs a unique approach to their career development. We have a great experience in used, new, retrofitting to looks exactly like new machinery and modifying machines such as; Hot/ cold forging machines, Hot forging presses, Screw presses, forging hammers, Trimming presses, Knuckle joint presses, Sheet stamping presses, Milling machines, Gear-cutting machines, Spare parts, Coining presses...etc. .we have great machineries especially from ex-Soviet countries, other European countries, United Kingdom, United States and Asia. In additional we have a great after sales services and following up with our customers.

We are the only one of Russian machinery trading companies that is a member of the European Association of Machine Tool Merchants ( The EAMTM exists first and foremost to promote high standards of trading and mutual trust. Therefore, an EAMTM members enjoying a privileged position because any other member worldwide will accept his word as a fellow member.

Our Mission: Perfect Choice and deliver heavy machines to all over the world in competitive prices.

Our Vision: To be a most globally place where making our customers’ business easier and faster. Moreover, making world of machines like small trading city in order to customers’ needs.

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